Celeb Nails: 30 Famous Women Nail Art Inspirations 2024 (2024)

Did you ever check out these beautiful hands of celebrities? While you may wonder what is so new about celebrity hands, the real amazement comes from their gorgeous and well-decorated nails! Their manicure and beautifully designed nails are always so pretty that we are often in awe! Celebrities give special attention to their hands and nails, whether it may be a normal day or a special event. The design and nail art vary according to their preference, occasion, outfit or season. But undoubtedly, no matter the nail art design, these pretty female celebrities and actresses’ hands are super beautiful.

Today, we have compiled the most popular and trending celebrity and actress nail art designs this season. The 2024 nail art is dominated and inspired by these popular figures, and we can’t wait to show you the best collection.

30 Influential Celebrity Female Nails in the World 2024:

Here we go, these custom-made manicured nail art are all things beautiful. While few may seem simple and cute, others are grand and timeless. No matter what, all of them are flawless! So let’s get going and check out the pretty nails that redefine the entire concept of beauty. Here we go!

1. Zendaya’s Basic Yet Romantic Dreamy Pink Nails:

Zendaya never fails to impress us by following contemporary fashion, yet the diva always has a very individualistic style statement. We saw her recently following this minimalistic yet romantic nail trend, and we wanted to share it with you. The basic pink nails look super dreamy and romantic. She already has beautiful hands, and this nail art further accentuates the glam too! Her nail artist drops this picture on social media and we are in love. They suit her gorgeous beautiful hands and fingers.

2. Hailey Beiber’s Glazed Donut Nails:

This recent picture of Hailey Bieber flaunting her perfect and beautiful manicure with glazed donut nails has set the fashion town on fire. She is seen flaunting this look at the Met Gala event, and we are in absolute love with the unique and colourful choice. How do you like her pretty hands?

3. Matte And Metallic For Selena Gomez:

The celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik has dropped these gorgeous and bold red matte and metallic nails done for the celebrity diva, Selena Gomez. The nails have a little finger at the end, giving a unique and modern yet new vibe. Have you checked this out? This trend is giving both bold and wild styles along with a unique appearance.

4. Selena’s Pastel Nails:

Selena Gomez often sets trends in nail art, so we cannot wait to show you her latest beautiful nail trends. Did you know she brought the pastel nail fashion back to the current season? She is seen flaunting the beautiful soft and pastel nails, perfect for all the young modern women. Her beautiful female hands are truly super pretty!

5. Anne Hathaway’s Clear Nail Heels:

When Anne Hathaway walked for the Versace fall show, many of them looked her up for her impressive outfit and gorgeous nails. Here are her beautiful nails for the show! She is seen wearing the clear glass nail with chrome finish and we are in love with the incredible look and glam quotient. This has indeed set the trend for nail art this year!

6. Emma Chamberlain’s Sculpted Nails Manicure:

Recently, Emma Chamberlain flaunted her sculpted and 3D nails for a red carpet event, and we were super impressed. The beautiful nails are sculpted with crown molding and they look gorgeous with beautiful dimensions and grandeur appearance. If you love diva and bold looks, you must try them out.

7. Margot Robbie’s Monochrome Nails:

Simple yet chic! Sleek yet contemporary and minimalistic! If you believe in all of them, you must check out the recent trend of Margot Robbie’s nails and mani. We love these cool and dreamy monochrome nails, and they are super versatile to style on many looks and occasions. They suit her gorgeous fingers and we are in love!

8. Jenna Ortega Shiny Pink Manicure:

The Valentino and Met Gala appearance by Jenna Ortega has got quite a lot of us talking about her nails. While pink nails are considered feminine and sparkly, which were in trend a few years back, we would agree that Jenna Ortega got the trend back with her style statement. She flaunts her shiny pink and bold manicure, and we are in awe!

9. Shay Mitchell’s Nude And Red Underside Nails:

We all are well aware of the classic nude nails and manicure trend. It has been in fashion for a very long, but now we see the variants within it. The celebrity Shay Mitchell is seen flaunting nude nails with red undersides. She looks super unique and stunning with the combination of bold and flattering colours on the nails. Do you agree?

10. Camilla Cabello’s Dazzling Purple Nails:

The singer and celebrity artist, Camilla Cabello’s nails are super dreamy and perfect for all young women who love to have an edgy and chic appearance. The dazzling and shiny nails give well for the upcoming nail trend this fashion season. Camilla’s hands are immensely feminine and beautiful, aren’t they?

11. Jlo’s Custom Wedding Nails:

Most of us witnessed the iconic Jennifer Lopez wedding outfit and looks, but did you see how beautifully she matched her manicure and nails to her outfit and dreamy attire? The minimal and intimate nail art features a timeless and elegant look with a milky appearance. The custom petite flowers also add oomph and grandeur to the nail art. In addition, the tiny glitter and sparkle further accentuate the style and glam quotient!

12. Nicola Coughlan’s Sprinkling Gemstone Nails:

Flaunted by the diva Nicola Coughlan, these shiny and glittery gemstone nails are perfect for your upcoming parties and grand events. She has worn this nail trend in the 2022 BAFTA, and we are in awe of the classic appearance, grandeur, oomph and sizzling glam. It has a sheer and very neutral base, and the added shimmer gives way to the accentuated intricate style statement.

13. Jourdan Dunn’s Silver Nails:

Not everyone can pull off silver nails, but our diva, Jourdan Dunn, is doing so with confidence and ease. We love her red carpet look wearing a silver-toned outfit and matching her manicure with shimmery silver nail polish that has a beautiful frosted finish.

14. Cardi B’s Fun Alien Nails:

If you haven’t checked out this quirky and fun Cardi B’s nails, you must. Given the thought process and creativity behind designing such a stunning look, these nails are serious art. The fun futuristic, and alien nails look perfect, creating waves of bright and edgy colours and a new glam quotient in the manicure world.

15. Rihanna’s Flame Nails:

This hot and beautiful nail art flaunted by Rihanna is surely going to create noise for incredible and beautiful, unique looks. Rihanna never settles with the basics and we all know the way she loves to set trends. She created quite some trend with the flame nails, which match her hot personality too!

16. Kaia Gerber’s Glossy Pastel Bare Nails:

The supermodel Kaia Gerber is seen flaunting this glossy and bare yet striking nail art, and we are in awe of the new look. She always seems to love the French-inspired manicure. This time, Kaia has tried pastel tips with multi-coloured nails and will surely set a new trend this fashion season.

17. Gigi Hadid’s Fruity Holiday Nails:

Gigi Hadid often exudes statement and chic fashion, but sometimes she loves to have fun too. Did you check out the latest fruity holiday-themed nail art? She is seen flaunting adorable fruit-theme-inspired nails featuring orange, watermelon and dragon fruit. We are in love with the unique thought and process.

18. Blake Lively’s Spring Flower Nails:

The diva has recently taken to Instagram to tell her love for these unique and beautiful flower-pressed nails. We too, agree these lovely flower nails look incredibly charming and beautiful, portraying the feminine and classic hues.

19. Khloe Kardashian’s Pink Valentines Nails:

If you haven’t checked them out yet, you must see the new trend for nail art on special romantic days and events. We love Khloe Kardashian’s pink nails with little heart symbols. We cannot stop thinking about these gorgeous nails and manicures at events such as Valentine’s Day, and they can look ravishing!

20. Doechii’s Metallic Twist Nails:

Suppose you wish to check grandeur nails that are also very unique and new with texture and creative design. In that case, you must see this recent Doechii’s metallic twist nails. Her pointy golden nails grabbed quite a lot of attention when she appeared on the red carpet of the 2022 BET Awards. The texture of nails is very similar to corkscrew, however, they sure grabbed the eyeballs and set the new trend in manicures and nail art.

21. Lizzo’s Bts Black Mani Nails:

The BTS and the Asians are often way ahead in setting beauty trends and this time we have with the nails too. Lizzo’s latest bold nails and manicure has our heart! They serve up looking bold and glam seamlessly and we are yet to check how this is going create noise in the fashion town.

22. Jacqueline Fernandez’s Gold Ring Nails:

This unique gold and striking nail trend is currently in fashion, all thanks to Jacqueline Fernandez. We can see the diva wearing gold nail rings with the perfect manicure, giving lovely fashion trends. It is perfect for all women who love statement looks.

23. Sonakshi Sinha’s Rainbow Nails:

How about these stunning and unique rainbow nails as flaunted by the Bollywood diva Sonakshi Sinha? If you haven’t checked out, you must. These rainbow-coloured nails are perfect for a subtle yet charming and elegant look. They suit Sonakshi’s fingers beautifully, and we adore them!

24. Ananya Pandey’s Blue Nails:

Suppose you prefer something simple yet striking and versatile. In that case, you must not miss the lovely Ananya Pandey‘s blue monochrome nail trend. These blue nails are perfect for recreating a fashionable, youthful and edgy chic look. They give a perfect cheery vibe seamlessly!

25. Khushi Kapoor’s Blue Nails With Floral Art:

This summer, you must check out this easy, elegant and timeless blue flowery nail art as flaunted by Khushi Kapoor. The nails undoubtedly add a beautiful vibe and mood with elegance and fun aspects. They suit long nails very well and indeed are going to add a beautiful glam quotient.

26. Lalisas’s Golden Nails:

Black Pink sure has our heart for their talent and K-pop, however, they also stand tall in their fashion sense and manicure trends. We have the striking and gorgeous Lalisa’s golden nails here that look splendid and gorgeous. These nails sure have taken quite a lot of time to be designed and created, and we cannot stop admiring them.

27. Jennie’s Fun Nails:

If you love to have fun and don’t mind being playful and experimental, you must also check out Jennie’s fun and quirky nail art. The nail art looks gorgeous with multiple colours and neatly trimmed nails. If we all assume that gorgeous nails and manicures can only be done with longer nails, we now know that we are mistaken!

28. Red Velvet’s Yeri Bold Diamond Nails:

You must not miss these gorgeous diamond nails with a blue bold shade by Red Velvet’s Yeri! The Korean nail trend is luring the world with impressive and striking gorgeous art, and we can’t take our eyes off this stunner too. How do you like it?

29. Yuqi’s Mixed Nail Palette:

We all know Yuqi is famous for her Korean pop album appearances. Her new nails are setting the trend for looking super stunning and beautiful. The nails have a mixed colour palette without any particular theme, and yet look stunning, exquisite and fascinating.

30. Hyoyeon’s Black And White Nails:

The Girls’ Generation fame Hyoyeon has her immensely popular black and white nails and are can’t take our eyes off them. These nails have a white base with a black colour design and geometric shapes on the top. The abstract nail art is unique, impressive, and perfect for the young generation! What do you think? They surely add to the beautiful looks of the hands.

We hope you enjoyed exploring these lovely and unique celebrity-inspired beautiful hand nail art. These nail art looks gorgeous, adding to the hottest trends and beauty to your hands. Which kind of nail art and manicure trends do you love the most? Let us know your thoughts!

Celeb Nails: 30 Famous Women Nail Art Inspirations 2024 (2024)
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